Getting back that sense of togetherness

With klik, your event can start months before your first session starts. Having a platform attendees can join to start networking, receive exclusive content, talk with exhibitors, and get notifications about the upcoming event will help you create engagement around your brand over a longer timespan.

Once the event is done, the conversation can continue on this community hub through group discussions, networking, and content sharing. You could even create another event within this same platform. 

Crowd Management


Use light cues to manage traffic flow during your event better. 

Crowd Density Standard (CDS)

Better control the volume of people by tracking the number of attendees on the show floor and controlling access when needed. 

Access Control

This feature can also be helpful when staggering show floor access. Attendees click their wearable next to our tablet. If it's green, you're good to go!


Touchless interactions


When clicking their wearable near a touchpoint, attendees will get automatic information on their profile. No more brochures to hand out.

No more handshaking required

Our clickable wearables allow attendees and exhibitors to exchange contact information by simply clicking their wearables together.


Contact tracing

If an attendee is tested positive for COVID-19 following the event, our platform can provide you a list of attendees who are at-risk, allowing you to inform them of the spread as quickly as possible.

mockup contact tracing

Be aware. Stay safe.

Make sure to communicate your safety plan to your attendees and show them the practical steps you took to create a safe environment, and resources available to them.

Setting reminders of the protocol to follow is key to educate people and to keep them safe. There are numerous channels you can use on klik to do so:

  • App notifications
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Opening slate at each session
  • And much more

Questions? We're here to help.