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Getting back that sense of togetherness

With klik, your event can start months before your first session starts. Having a platform attendees can join to start networking, receive exclusive content, talk with exhibitors, and get notifications about the upcoming event will help you create engagement around your brand over a longer timespan.

Once the event is done, the conversation can continue on this community hub through group discussions, networking, and content sharing. You could even create another event within this same platform. 

Touchless interactions

The new way to handshake!

Our clickable wearables allow attendees and exhibitors to exchange contact information by simply clicking their wearables together. All the information collected during the event is logged into the klik event app. 

Smart interactions

Our wearables passively track attendees' behavior and trigger action based on specific gestures and traffic foot. 

For instance, when an attendee stays in a booth, they receive the exhibitor's brochure or CTA on the klik event app. 



Keep attendees aware and safe

Demonstrate to your stakeholders that procedures and systems are in place to prepare, respond, and recover from outbreaks.

Check our solution for safer events that will help you respect the recommended measures.

Safer Events


Driving engagement and networking

Give your attendees access to an exclusive event hub where they can start networking, receive exclusive content, talk with exhibitors, and get notifications about the upcoming event, and create engagement over a longer timespan.

Keep them on their toes with gamification. Help them make the most out of their experience and incentivize specific actions.


Better serve exhibitors and sponsors

A new lead capturing experience will delight your exhibitors with our easy-click wearables. Each exhibitor can set personalized questions that all reps need to answer about each lead and get the data instantly.

Each exhibitor has access to their own booth's dashboard where they can manage their branding and communication, monitor traffic, dwell time, engagement, and representatives' performance.

screen_Better serve exhibitors

Monetize your event

Whether it's by adding value to your sponsorship packages or by selling access to the lead retrieval system or the exhibitor's showroom on the app, they are numerous way to monetize specific features within our platform. 

Monetize your event copie