Getting back that sense of togetherness

With klik, your event can start months before your first session starts. Having a platform attendees can join to start networking, receive exclusive content, talk with exhibitors, and get notifications about the upcoming event will help you create engagement around your brand over a longer timespan.

Once the event is done, the conversation can continue on this community hub through group discussions, networking, and content sharing. You could even create another event within this same platform. 

One single platform

Provide a seamless experience to your attendees wherever they are: same features, same schedule, same sessions, same experience.

Combining our hybrid event platform to the In-person events solution will provide you with a complete set of tools to make your event a success.

In-Person Events


Connecting two worlds

Wherever your attendees are, they can easily connect. Our video-call capabilities make it easy to meet people even from a distance and to exchange contact information.

Attendees can create group meetings to discuss specific topics with in-person and online attendees by using the group video-meetings.


Easy access to content

Online attendees can now watch live sessions as if there were there.

At the end of each session, attendees have access to the session's recording and all relevant documents on the klik platform.

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Active attendees

Live polling and Q&A

Online and in-person attendees can join the conversation and express their opinion via live polling and Q&A.

Gamify your event

Keep them on their toes with gamification. Help them make the most out of their experience and incentivize specific actions.


More value to your sponsors and exhibitors

A set of features have been created for exhibitors in order for them to get more value at events. From the exhibitors' showroom on the platform to our lead retrieval system at the show, they’ll have all in hands to get the most out for your event.

Representatives can meet leads face-to-face or through video calls, and, thanks to our lead retrieval system, capture their contact information, fill out a qualification form and score the lead. All this information is then gathered on their company's portal. 

Want to monetize your event? Our solution provides multiple options for sponsorship packages, from app banners to gamification.

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