Event programming

A single management platform

  • An event management solution that covers the whole process, from ticketing to data and analytics 
  • The platform is easily brandable to fit your image

Event scheduling

  • Prepare event schedules with different calendars and sessions 
  • Populate content, location, time, speakers and more. 


  • Send guests pre-scheduled notifications and emails 
  • Facilitate communication and keep guests updated 


Personal profiles

  • Participants can populate their profile information
  • Social media information can be linked for an enriched profile experience 

Personal calender

  • Attendees can pre-register for sessions, activities and workshops
  • Prepare for event traffic and room assignment 

Quick pairing

  • Pairing a klik wearable takes few seconds
  • Accelerates the check in process to reduce lineups and congestion

Klik event app

An instant record of all interactions

  • Manages the guest's journey from beginning to end; this paper-free solution keeps all their information in one place, so they can stay in the moment
  • Contact information exchanges, shared content, personal calendar, live floor map, speakers' bios, session feedback, and more - it's all in the app! 


  • In-app notifications can be used for activity reminders or new information
  • Can be personalized according to the type of attendee

A flexible platform

  • Available on the App Store and Google Play; can also be used as a web-based app 
  • Can also be integrated into your own app, but with limited features


Networking made easy

  • Guests can easily exchange contact information by clicking their wearables
  • Contacts are displayed in the klik event app
  • The contact list can be downloaded following the event

Smart Match

  • Need to ignite your networking? This tool generates more meaningful connections between guests
  • Smart Match helps your attendees find the right people to connect with. They can communicate via direct messaging to set a time and place to meet.


Achieve your event goals

  • Create customized games to engage attendees, incentivize behavior and reach your goals.
  • Influence behavior and see what challenges guests participate in, helping you better understand your segmentation.

Lots of ways to play

  • Award points to give attendees instant gratification, leading them to pursue specific actions.
  • Whether guests are participating in scavenger hunts, clicking at touchpoints or interacting with gold sponsors, they can earn badges based on specific actions or combinations of actions.


  • Use a leaderboard to track most-engaged attendees
  • Display standings to increase competition and to encourage guests to improve their performance.

Content sharing

Geo-targeted content

  • Auto-pushed content can be triggered by attendees' locations and dwell time
  • Send them discount offers or relevant information based on their behavior


  • Guests can engage with objects or areas simply by clicking their wearables near a touchpoint
  • Track what generates the most interest

Lead Retrieval

A new way to capture lead

  • Say goodbye to badges’ scanning – klik offers easy-click smart wearables to facilitate captures
  • Add notes on each new lead and send e-documents / url links / videos from the klik event app

Specific data on each booth

  • Each exhibitor has access to their own booth’s dashboard
  • Monitor traffic, dwell time, engagement and representatives’ performance

Understand the overall floor dynamic

  • Get a better sense of your floor traffic and engagement
  • Improve your exhibitor packages based on precise traffic flow
  • Avoid unclear booth performance discussions with exhibitors by having the right information

Access control

Attendance management

  • Use klik to track how many people are entering or leaving a session or area – this makes it easier to monitor foot traffic and manage open spots
  • Track who went to which session and when they arrived

Access control procedure

  • Get access to the list of people registered for each session via the access control device and manually check each attendee entering the room.


  • No need for RFID infrastructure
  • Deployed by our professional team
  • Easy to set up

Live monitoring

Passive tracking of event zones

  • Maps detail how many people are in each room
  • Passive tracking, no need to ask guests to scan their wearables
  • Share data with your exhibitors: number of visits and dwell time

Follow traffic

  • Understand your event’s dynamics and flow
  • Avoid congestion and control room capacity by location staff accordingly
  • Filter by participant type 


  • Our professional team takes care of installation
  • Non-invasive infrastructure

Data and analytics

Live engagement data

  • Follow your event's dynamics in real time
  • Track the number of people on-site, the engagement level, the number of people attending sessions, the leaderboard and much more

Post-event analytics (add-on)

  • Klik offers a post-event report based on your needs, including post-event graphs featuring per-zone fluctuations for more insight
  • Understand which initiatives worked