The platform that unites your event experience

It starts with the Control Panel: web-based software that acts like a nerve center, monitoring everything going on out there on the floor at your event.

Everything else is wirelessly connected — you choose from our range of BLE-based smart wearables to provide to your attendees, along with a downloadable mobile app that mirrors the attendee version of the klik desktop app.

From there, your goals are our goals. You can choose to use a variety of our innovative features like contact exchange, Smart Match, or lead retrieval, and immediately gain insight into your event.


The wearables

Klik Badge
The badge
klik button
The button
klik sleeve
The sleeve

The klik Event App — a window onto your event

Watch the entire event unfold from one dedicated space. Access it on a web browser from any device. Or just download the mobile app for iOS and Android that’s designed for convenience and staying connected at all times during an event. 

Attendees will praise you for replacing any manual note-taking while mingling — contacts, meetings, sessions, and more are all stored in their attendee profile and accessible even after the event is over.



Integration with the best there is

Some things are best left to the experts. That’s why simplifying third-party software integration is important to us. We’ve partnered with some of the best in the industry to deliver a unified best-of-breed experience within the klik ecosystem.


The ultimate Q&A and polling solution for events. Paired with our tracking system, attendees registered for a session are automatically set up to answer polls or questions using the klik app.


With millions of dollars’ worth of tickets sold online by thousands of organizers around the world, Tito is one of the most powerful ticketing solutions available. And it seamlessly plugs into klik.


Paired with klik, Hubspot’s industry-leading marketing platform lets you retarget attendees according to their behavior during an event, making their data set even more valuable.


Control Panel

As an event organizer, this is the driver’s seat. Here you can manage registration, event programming and details, and attendee/staff access control. The control panel is also where the look, feel, and all app content is configured.

When the event is in full swing, you can keep an eye on things at all times. Accessible from the control panel, the dashboard is your go-to view for all relevant metrics during the event.

View how many contact exchanges have been made, what sessions have been most popular, and even what exhibition booth locations could use a boost in traffic.