All you need for success in one platform

From registration to post-event analytics, the klik platform is essential to increase your event engagement and help calculate your ROI.


Personal profiles

  • Enable participants to populate their personal profiles
  • Link social media information for an enriched profile experience 

Sessions and activities

  • Attendees can pre-register for sessions, activities and workshops
  • Prepare for event traffic and room assignment 

Quick pairing

  • Accelerate the registration process to reduce lineups and congestion
  • Give people more time to enjoy the event 

Event programming


  • Brand the platform to fit your image 
  • Easily upload logos and images

Event scheduling 

  • Prepare event schedules with different calendars and sessions 
  • Populate content, location, time, speakers and more. 


  • Send guests pre-scheduled notifications and emails 
  • Facilitate communication and keep guests in the know 

Our Event app

All-in-one app

  • Track contacts and likes
  • Access a personal agenda, speaker profiles and contact information  

Web based

  • Requires no download
  • Doesn’t take up phone memory

Go paperless

  • Relevant event content is directly available in the app 
  • No need for pamphlets and brochures

Location services

Monitor event zones

  • Visualize how many people are in a room with a map
  • Post-event graphs feature per-zone fluctuations for more insight
  • Passive tracking, no need to scan wearables

Follow traffic

  • Understand your event’s dynamics and flow
  • Avoid congestion and control room capacity
  • Filter by participant type 

On-site staff management

Centralize and dispatch

  • Locate your staff
  • Prevent congestion
  • See what areas need help 

Keep staff connected with

  • The klik dashboard
  • Important features

Post-event analytics

Understand participant satisfaction

  • Collect data on attendance, engagement levels, clicks collected, sessions, booths and more
  • Understand which initiatives work 
  • Get deeper insight and unbiased data thanks to 100% adoption rates

Audience response

  • Gain insight into participant preferences
  • Guests can rate sessions and provide valuable feedback with an integrated rating system

Make the most of your money 

  • Understand your event analytics 
  • Find out which events, booths and talks were most profitable
  • Plan for next year 

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