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Whether you have 100 or 100,000 attendees, klik is easy for you or for our professional team to deploy.

Event programming

A single management platform

  • An event management solution that covers the whole process, from ticketing to data and analytics 
  • The platform is easily brandable to fit your image

Event scheduling 

  • Prepare event schedules with different calendars and sessions 
  • Populate content, location, time, speakers and more. 


  • Send guests pre-scheduled notifications and emails 
  • Facilitate communication and keep guests updated 


Powered by EventBrite

  • EventBrite is integrated into the platform
  • Featuring Eventbrite’s latest, optimized ticketing capabilities

An integrated Experience

  • Offers a seamless experience for attendees
  • A registration email can be immediately sent out after purchase

Stress-free purchases

  • Purchasing tickets for a group of people is possible
  • A secure and worry-free online payment process


Personal profiles

  • Participants can populate their profile information
  • Social media information can be linked for an enriched profile experience 

Sessions and activities

  • Attendees can pre-register for sessions, activities and workshops
  • Prepare for event traffic and room assignment 

Quick pairing

  • Pairing a klik wearable takes few seconds
  • Accelerates the check in process to reduce lineups and congestion

Our Event app

All-in-one app

  • Guests see all their interactions in real time on their klik timeline, a summary of the guest’s personal journey
  • Provides access to a personal agenda, speaker profiles and contact information  

Web based

  • No download required
  • Doesn’t take up phone memory


  • Relevant event content is directly available in the app 
  • No need for pamphlets and brochures

Live monitoring

Monitor event zones

  • Maps detail how many people are in each room
  • Passive tracking, no need to scan wearables

Follow traffic

  • Understand your event’s dynamics and flow
  • Avoid congestion and control room capacity
  • Filter by participant type 


  • Our professional team takes care of installation
  • Non-invasive infrastructure

Access control

No lineups

  • Guests don’t need to scan their klik devices before entering sessions
  • The wearable’s LED indicates whether someone is allowed in a zone
  • If you need a more precise headcount, we can scan wearables at the door

One partner

  • Deployed by our professional team
  • No need for RFID infrastructure
  • Easy to set up at event programming phase

On-site staff management

Centralize and dispatch

  • Locate your staff
  • Prevent congestion
  • See what areas need help 

Keep staff connected with

  • The klik dashboard
  • Important features


  • Our professional team takes care of installation
  • Non-invasive infrastructure

Data and analytics

Live attendee engagement data

  • Track the engagement level, the number of people attending sessions, your leaderboard and much more
  • Live heat map

Post-event analytics

  • Post-event graphs feature per-zone fluctuations for more insight
  • Understand which initiatives worked

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