The best engagement platform to understand your event dynamics.
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What is klik?

Klik wants you to put away your phone and connect with people, face to face. Our smart wearables enable your guests to engage with each other, participate actively in your event and get back to real human connections.

Why do you need klik?

Conference organizers struggle with trying to collect valuable data. Klik permits you to understand your metrics and make your events profitable. By using klik, you stimulate guest participation and calculate your return on investment.

How does it work?

As easy as 1-2...klik!

The klik platform is simple to use and easy to navigate. Your guests use their wearable to engage with each other and your event content. They stay updated on everything via their klik timeline and register instantaneously when they pair their device. As the event organizer, you can track your event in real-time and see your live metrics from your control panel.
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As easy as 1-2...klik!

We’ve got the Goods

Wearables for all occasions

Our products are light and sleek. Connecting never looked this good.

Wear your card on your sleeve

Our award-winning wristband

With its polished neutral design, the klik band is simple and intuitive to use. Packed with smart technology and a Bluetooth™ wireless chip that connects the band to the klik platform, it lasts up to 7 days with continuous use. With 3 high brightness full-color LEDs, it will surely be the highlight of the party.
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Our award-winning wristband

Our new revolutionary badge

You’ll want that ‘round your neck

Especially crafted for corporate events, the klik badge allows your participants to connect with others and record their favourite moments.
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You’ll want that ‘round your neck

Klik was designed to increase your event's success.

What do you want to achieve?

Streamline your operations

Increase participant engagement

Improve event dynamics with actionable data

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Something exciting is coming.
All will be revealed at C2 Montreal.
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