Data. Driven.

The digital revolution has finally come to events.

Where many still rely firmly on analog tools and ways of collecting data, klik believes in a simplified, unified future that benefits everyone who makes an event come to life.

With an almost 100% adoption rate and passive tracking, klik’s data sets are unparalleled in quality. And they open the door to a deeper understanding of your event’s dynamics, your attendees’ profile and behavior, and how to make your events shine.


Data klik generates


Zone and session tracking

With our passive BLE-based tracking system, you can understand real attendee behavior at all times. This generates data that enables you to understand the flow of your event, and discover a session’s true success.


One of the main reasons attendees come to events is to network with others. Gaining a better understanding of who interacts with whom and why can add a world of value to personalize and enhance your attendees’ future experiences. All thanks to a Smart Match or contact exchange analysis.

Understand your attendees better

Identify what content your attendees are interested in via session tracking and find out who they want to meet. When event-goers register, they’ll be asked for information like what their hobbies are or what they would like to learn, in addition to basics like their contact info, company, and role.

How klik provides data


Live dashboard

From the control panel, you can access live data at all three stages of the event: before, during, and after. In each stage, we provide relevant information to help you take action in the moment.


After the event, we provide a detailed report built around the event objectives and data sets identified ahead of time.

CRM and marketing platform integration

Data can also be integrated into your CRM and marketing platform. There are many ways to do this so we’re happy to work with you to create the most effective API mapping for you.

How insight works for you — and your audience


Understand who the attendees are

With access to real attendee behavior and interests, you can create personas. This will help you design a more refined, insightful event.

Retargeted marketing

Use data to retarget clients after the event. Let’s say an attendee attended several conferences on a particular subject, you can reach out to them and offer your services on the said subject.

Better event design

Create a better layout of your event’s venue by analyzing traffic flows. Add or remove sessions on certain subjects and make sure attendees are engaged with your content.

Be accountable to exhibitors

You can provide exhibitors with reports on traffic results and lead conversions, helping justify their investment in your event.

We keep data safe and sound


How our data is hosted

Our data is hosted on Google Cloud. This service is certified by multiple entities and meets the highest requirements on the market.

We also comply with the European General Data Protection (GDPR), which gives you control over your personal data.

What do the wearables transmit?

There is never any personal data on the wearables. They store Bluetooth IDs that are sent on our servers for analysis.

Who has access to our data?

We take privacy seriously.

Only a select few individuals have access to our databases. Our policy is very strict about data accessibility.

Plus, we do not resell our data to advertisers or other clients.
Client data is theirs and theirs alone.

Attendee control

Attendees are asked to opt-in when they create their profile or register. They know which information is being tracked and they control which information is shared.