Touchpoints: Multiply interactions with your attendees

Posted by Carolane Morin-Larochelle on Thu, Feb 28, 2019


Touchpoints offer even more opportunities to interact with your attendees. With this feature, they’ll be able to interact with objects or specific areas simply by clicking their wearables near a touchpoint (no scanning required) to trigger a request for information that you set in advance.

An exhibitor’s tool

Help your exhibitors or sponsors understand what captures the interest of attendees by putting touchpoints behind showcased objects and inviting attendees to click their wearables for more information. Sponsors can then easily collect data on what catches their attention!

Share more information

Allow attendees to get more information on specific resources or topics at your event. You’ll be able to track what generates the most interest.

Gamify your event

Create a scavenger hunt by hiding touchpoints throughout your venue, like in your sponsors’ booths, and deliver a clue or points every time an attendee engages with the interaction point.


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