The klik Event App: Now also works without wearables

Posted by PixMob on Thu, Nov 7, 2019


Great news from klik: Now there’s a new way to use the platform for an event — and at a fraction of the cost. Until now, our efforts have been focused on defining our core ecosystem in order to provide events with a state-of-the-art event experience.

But if you were among those impressed by the Control Panel, or simply fell in love with the klik workflow, yet didn’t have a pressing need for our wearables — you were out of luck. Now that’s no longer the case.

At klik, it’s no secret we’re all about options and versatility. So when we noticed all the inspiring events we couldn’t accommodate; we huddled, we listened, and now are happy to offer the klik experience through a standalone version of the Event App.


If your event needs a leaner setup, whether due to time, scale, or budget constraints, the standalone klik App option will speak to you. The standalone app features the same streamlined design that makes it easy to use even for first-timers.

Attendees won’t even be required to download and install the klik App. We designed the standalone option to work on a web browser on any device. All they will need to do is log into their klik account and they’ll have access to their timeline, contacts, Smart Match, and other essential features like event schedules, and speaker and exhibitor lists.


As a standalone klik Event App setup is a slimmed-down version of our ecosystem. Think of it as a ‘lite’ version of klik.

The main difference for attendees is how they exchange contacts. In the absence of wearables, event-goers can exchange each other’s contact info in the app by finding each other in the Smart Match tab and sending the request — kind of like a Facebook friend request.

As you can imagine, without wearables to monitor attendee behaviour, you’ll have to keep in mind the level of detail you’ll have access to will be different since on-site and session attendance won’t be trackable.

The standalone klik Event App also doesn’t replace the social factor that the wearables inherently offer. And we haven’t provided a digital replacement on purpose — we still believe real, human facetime at events are where the magic happens so that part we’ve kept “old school”.


As a streamlined solution, the standalone klik Event App brings most of the platform’s core functions to a wider range of needs and event types. And it’s the perfect way to start managing events using klik if you’re not up to committing for a full setup.


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