Smart Match: The ultimate icebreaker and more

Posted by PixMob on Fri, Jul 19, 2019


The nature of networking at events is changing. In the age of LinkedIn and “Recommended for You” sections, technology now seeks to provide more personalized experiences so it’s no surprise the events industry is following suit. 

And thanks to the birth of immersive event management ecosystems like klik, advanced intelligent matchmaking systems like our very own Smart Match are quickly becoming the new normal out there on the floor.

What does Smart Match actually do?

In short, Smart Match is a recommendation engine that uses attendee profile data stored in klik to help connect with someone similar at an event — taking the guesswork out of meeting someone new. This has some incredibly positive effects on successfully finding what we call “meaningful” contacts, and on reinforcing social confidence for those who aren’t naturals at having a conversation with a random stranger.

Because klik is designed to be a comprehensive event engagement solution, Smart Match opens up a wealth of possibilities for gaining data insights, measuring ROI, and providing attendees with a more valuable way of networking through online attendee profiles and smart wearables.

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Seamless preparation before the event actually starts

Before events began going digital, preparing to attend one was often a chore that involved manually reviewing attendees one-by-one on Excel spreadsheets or online, and quite a bit of patience. 

Since the klik platform allows event managers to inform attendees when it’s time for them to provide their contact information and interests in advance, the dialog between event and attendee starts earlier and makes it easier to prepare for the event in advance. For event organizers, it’s also great to monitor if it looks like more or fewer meeting zones will be needed. 

Before arriving at the event, attendees will fill out their online profile, and select tags based on their interests so the Smart Match algorithm can start suggesting relevant attendees for that person to meet.

Boost engagement, networking — and your event’s popularity

When an event is in full swing, meeting people spontaneously livens up the experience and fills in attendees’ time gaps. Not to mention it increases their chances of meeting someone who might end up turning into a key deal or contact.

Every time this happens, attendees will associate the event with tangible value. And that means they will be coming back, or even better — spreading the word.

Smart Match is designed to get people acknowledge interest before actually meeting. It may be a virtual medium, but someone still needs to break the ice — one party needs to send a conversation request to chat through the klik app before a meeting can be scheduled.

Once a meeting is scheduled, it then automatically appears on the attendee’s calendar, and they’ll even be reminded with push notifications. Attendees will then find their ‘date’ in a designated Smart Match zone that’s defined by the event organizer.

These dedicated meeting zones then turn into hotbeds for like-minded attendees, many of which will end up meeting someone useful towards a goal or idea. This adds immeasurable value to the site and also makes meeting new people at the event a lot less a toss of the dice.


Your data is all stored with klik once the event is over

After the show is over, the last thing anyone feels like doing is reviewing notes, business cards or even selfies in order to remember who was who. 

Attendees will have access to the platform for an extensive period of time where they can easily download new contacts made, and instantly see how they started chatting, or where and when they met.


What’s more, overall Smart Match usage and interactions such as the number of chats or meetings created, are reliably tracked throughout the event. This data can then be analyzed and exported at a later date for some valuable insight that can be used to improve the event’s next edition. 

Every social interaction is stored and easily accessible, and that provides some peace of mind — not to mention an unparalleled level of data accuracy that our exhausted post-event human faculties couldn't be bothered with.

Which is why Smart Match is just one impressive way klik can add tremendous value and efficiency to an event while making networking fun again.


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