Five ways to personalize klik with third party integrations

Posted by PixMob on Wed, Oct 9, 2019


Whether it’s out of love of the app or just out of habit, we all have our go-to event management software that helps us get the job done. For many reasons, certain tools just stick and that’s why at klik we strive to integrate any beloved piece of your current software stack to work with our platform.

Given the wealth of integration possibilities we offer for third party solutions from Cvent, Aventri, Bizzabo, and others, we thought you should get to know some of the most useful (and popular) ones we regularly deploy to make your life easier with klik from the start.


Attendee list integration

What it is:

One of our most used integrations, we can take all your attendee registration information that’s stored and managed in platforms like Cvent, Aventri, or Tito and have klik receive this data directly without any complex configuration. Like many integrations you’ll need the documented API and support from the solution you use.

Why it’s useful:

All attendee information including their contact info, days attending, and role at their company gets synced from your current event registration solution and imported into klik automatically.

This saves time in comparison to manually importing via file types like Excel spreadsheets — klik knows where to fill in each part of the attendee profile with the data received directly from a third party solution, so any last minute registrations at the door are completed in a snap.




Attendee schedule integration

What it is:

Similar to the attendee list, this integration imports attendees’ entire session agenda from external scheduling systems that provide a documented API and support.

Why it’s useful:

If you’re using a third party app for your session scheduling, your attendees will always have up-to-date session information their event calendar. Any changes or adjustments managed in the source scheduling app is instantly mirrored into the klik Event App.


Exhibitor list integration

What it is:

Also similar to attendee list but this one takes your exhibitors’ information from their booth/exhibitor management solution software and imports it into klik. Note you’ll have to have support from your exhibitor’s management systems in addition to documented API. 

Why it’s useful:

By importing data from your exhibitor’s management systems into klik, you’ll have access to the same data — everything in klik will be up-to-date and synced with the source software. Just like attendee list integration, this is quicker and more reliable than importing document files into another event management tool after the event.


CRM and marketing automation integration

What it is:

Data generated by attendees’ behaviour at an event powered by klik can be uploaded directly into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Why it’s useful:

This is a powerful resource especially if your event also offers products and services, as you can retarget attendees with the data collected at the event. If an attendee went to several sessions about a particular service but doesn’t buy it from you, you can retarget your marketing about that service that you or a partner can offer, for example.




klik timeline integration into a third party event app

What it is:

A standout feature of our very own klik Event App, the timeline logs an attendee’s event activity visually in chronological order using cards for contacts made, session or activity attendance, or touchpoint interaction, for example.

We get that sometimes it’s preferable to stick with your current event app, so this key feature can be imported into the app of your choice, given it is able to support the use of personalized URLs per attendee for attendee profiles.

Why it’s useful:

The timeline is an innovative and intuitive way for attendees to navigate their event experience on a mobile device and therefore helps increase engagement. The more engaged attendees are, the more valuable data will be generated as attendees’ behaviours will be logged throughout the event, which then can be bounced to your CRM as mentioned above.


Remember this is the shortlist...

These are the most deployed integrations we offer but this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Being based on a true platform model, we’re all about flexibility within our industry so we can do anything from branding the klik Event App with your company logo, to providing in-house support for BLE Protocol and REST API integration.

We’re all about offering event professionals the most personalized event management experience possible. And of course, all with the common goal of providing attendees a fun and frictionless event experience they’ll remember.


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