Overview: Achieving event goals using klik's gamification

Posted by klik on Wed, Feb 13, 2019


Klik’s flexible gamification capabilities allow event organizers and managers to create customized games that will engage attendees, incentivize behaviour, and reach goals.

Leaderboard rankings, collectible badges, and points all heighten the attendee experience, motivating guests and creating a positive feedback loop that encourages participants to repeat certain behaviour.

Here are some of klik’s key gamification features that help you create a richer, more enjoyable experience for attendees:


Points give attendees instant gratification, leading them to pursue specific actions. From pre-registering for sessions to exchanging contact info with sponsors, guests can earn big depending on your game rules.




Use badges to reward guests for taking on challenges like scavenger hunts, sessions attendance or gold sponsor interactions. Choose your challenges based on the specific behaviour you want to encourage. By monitoring which badges guests get the most, you’ll have a better understanding of your segmentation.




A leaderboard indicates progress, encouraging guests to improve their performance. This spirited form of competition drives engagement, fun and community participation.



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