New Beginnings: Moe Mousavi

Posted by PixMob on Sun, Oct 27, 2019

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Klik is growing fast and we love to welcome fresh new faces. Every now and then, we’ll be sharing the story of one of our latest to give you an insider look at who we are, what we do,  and who’s the awesome human being behind the role. 

This time, we sat down with Solutions Engineer Moe Mousavi who talks about navigating custom solutions for clients, and Roger Waters concerts. 

Name: Moe Mousavi

Department: Sales

Role: Solutions Engineer

First, tell us a bit about what you do?

I’m a Solutions Engineer in klik’s sales department. So whenever there’s a project that requires a more customized deployment, or the project is quite big, or when the client requires third-party software integration, I come in to bridge the gap. I take care of gathering the technical details of what the client needs to accomplish and then tell them what’s possible.

How did you find your way to klik?

I come from a technical sales background and have worked in e-commerce companies. Honestly, I found the job opening at klik randomly and realized that it was a position that put together skills I had already been using at my previous job.

I wasn’t really looking for a change but I had some questions so I got in touch with the sales team. They said they needed to standardize the technical sales processes and this sounded really like a good opportunity so I applied! I guess it was mostly curiosity that got me here.

Curiosity is a good thing at klik. What do you like most about your job?

As a Solutions Engineer I obviously like finding solutions. I like getting to understand the different needs and wants (from both technical and business perspectives) that clients present us with and finding the right setup that suits the project. And I also make the sales team’s life easier.


How do you manage to do that?

I get to be the guy that answers the more “complicated”/technical questions clients have so that sales doesn’t have to steal time from other teams just to get an answer for them. I also help sales with new solutions that we have never offered to clients before.

Can you briefly explain your process to identify the needs of klik’s clients and how you propose your solutions?

Sure! Let’s say a project falls into the criteria of what I’m responsible for. The account manager then gets me involved at that point, I listen to the client’s requirements, and then come up with a solution explaining; “We can do this, we can’t do this, and if you want me to do this, here is the timeline and the cost.”


So you kind of act like the middleman. How do you tackle third party integration or special needs for a project?

That’s exactly it. I manage expectations as quickly as possible. So talking with third party service providers is the really fun part for me because we talk the same language and everything is clear for both of us. Sometimes these third parties or clients themselves don’t have well documented APIs, but we do our best to overcome the constraints.

Speaking of fun, what do you do when you’re not working?

I’m a family guy so I tend to go on little hiking excursions, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing together. We also go apple picking which is fun. Otherwise I like music and I listen a lot to classic and alternative rock. Oh and movies of course. 

At klik we’re all about experiences. What’s the best event experience you’ve recently had?

I saw Roger Waters in concert recently and I thought that was really something. Everything was so well thought out. The lights really matched the vibe of the music, they were impressive but very vintage inspired as well. The crowd was really on fire but not too aggressive. And the sound was really good. So all the details were really looked after for the fans!

What’s the best part about working at klik so far?

I think for me it’s that the drive and passion everyone has for the products doesn’t distract from the fact that we’re all people and should be respected. I feel really bad about my food allergy but nobody feels bothered that I’ve imposed some new food restrictions!

Everyone has an easy time respecting each other no matter who you are or what your needs are.


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