Feature spotlight: Live polling with Slido integration

Posted by PixMob on Wed, Sep 18, 2019


As a platform solution for event engagement, klik is not only able to provide event professionals with cutting-edge native features, it also embraces the expertise of our peers in the event tech world by integrating them through our open API — of which Slido integration is just one example.

Slido is innovative live polling SaaS that allows audiences to provide real-time feedback whether physically present in a specific area, or anywhere online. Where this gets interesting is in how it can be applied to breakout sessions, panel discussions, feedback surveys, or sessions streamed live — and how this all complements klik’s powerful data capabilities.

How Slido integrates with klik

When opting for Slido features in klik, you’ll be able to access your attendees’ ideas and opinions instantly in a variety of different ways depending on the activity.


The powerful Q&A feature lets you crowdsource your participant’s top questions during and after a talk or presentation. Attendees can upvote or downvote suggested questions so you automatically have a democratic list of the audience’s most relevant questions. And it’s all displayed live as it happens. This makes question and answer periods more concise, focused, and relevant for workshops, talks, and even fireside chats.

But you can also turn the tables and ask the audience a series of questions using Slido’s live polling features. This allows you to gain some valuable insight into what the participants think about a particular topic in a clear, transparent, and direct way. In real time of course. 

This is particularly handy during a workshop since you can get a better feel of what an audience knows already, or would like to learn more about. There are also four poll types; multiple choice, open text, wordcloud, and star rating —  which makes it easy to adapt to different types of questions.

For organizers, these features are readily accessible to manage from their event's Slido dashboard. And for attendees registered to a session, they don’t need to be directed to a separate Slido page to answer the poll for their talk or session — it’s easily accessible right from the session card that appears on their timeline in the klik Event App.


What’s in it for event professionals?

Slido’s instant nature brings an element of fun to surveys and polls. But when used in the context of the klik software-hardware ecosystem, it unlocks another layer of actionable data insights made possible with the expertise of both solutions.

Alongside klik’s post-event summary report, what you monitor on the Slido dashboard can be examined in more detail from their own reports. You can analyze a detailed list of all questions submitted, get an accurate number of users and active users, and even identify the most influential questions by tracking which were the most upvoted, for example.

Both Slido and klik also provide attendees with the ability to provide open text feedback reviews for any session, workshop, or talk. So when you start looking at the numbers, at the same time you can see what people are actually saying about a particular activity to get a complete quantitative and qualitative data set.

Quality is something that we here at klik believe stretches into everything we do, and so together with all the impressive bells and whistles Slido provides, we make sure our team is there to help you set it up and understand how it works in the context of the klik platform.

So if you’ve got an event coming up and you're not looking forward to beating the questions out of your audience to avoid dead air, keep in mind klik and Slido are both on-hand for the sole purpose of boosting your event’s audience engagement.