Interview: Christine Jutras on producing an event with klik

Posted by klik on Fri, May 24, 2019


We sat down with top event producer Christine Jutras, to find out how to put together an engaging event and how she brings her clients' ideas to life.



Can you tell us about your role at klik?

Christine Jutras: I’m a producer for klik projects. That means that I work with our team and the client to bring their ideas to life. We support our clients before the event, but we also provide on-site assistance so that the platform and deployment run smoothly.

I’m a lot like an advisor. In fact, because of my in-depth knowledge of the platform and what it can do, I’m in a good position to give clients recommendations based on their specific goals. This way, we use the right features and the clients get the most out of our product.

Since I’ve been working on klik from the beginning, I’ve seen the platform evolve firsthand and it’s great to see us doing more and more events!


What’s unique about producing a klik event?

C.J: Klik is relatively new technology, so every project feels fresh. Oftentimes, participants don’t expect to see this type of technology at an event.

It also really helps us stand out in the corporate world — it’s reinventing the way we do conferences. By adding klik to the equation, we are helping increase engagement and fun — not to mention generating buzz.


What’s the klik platform’s added value for an event organizer?

C.J: We designed all its features, platform and objects to be user-friendly. Everything is simple, straightforward and easy to use for both organizers and participants.

Beyond the platform, we’ve assembled a team of seasoned professionals to support each client with their project. Clients often thank us for our flexibility and attention to detail. We pay attention to their needs and are always ready to do what it takes to reach their goals. The fact that so many of our clients come back year after year is our greatest accomplishment: we’ve created loyalty.


What feature do organizers love most?

C.J: I’d say it’s the most basic one of all: contact exchanging! Obviously, it’s a great way to break the ice and start a conversation. With this feature, attendees aren’t too shy to approach one another out of the blue at a conference.

The gamification aspect is also very popular: it’s surprising how much people love games and friendly competition. Prizes are awarded at some events to encourage participation. At others, the only reward is to see your name at the top of the list of “most interactions.” It’s a small personal victory!


What do you think sets klik apart from the competition’s platforms?

C.J: Klik’s platform is flexible, user-friendly and anyone can integrate with us using our API. Klik offers wearables, gamification and connection features, that other platforms might not have. But besides all of that, it has powerful data collection capabilities that allow event organizers to see valuable metrics that allow them to better understand their events.


Have you ever heard of an event where the data that klik collected was vital for another event’s decision-making?

C.J: Of course! Let’s look at a recent klik event — a professional conference with over 50 kiosks. Thanks to post-event data analysis, we could target the most popular and heavily trafficked areas. Next year, the client could use this information to adjust kiosk pricing, change visitor flow or give key spots to certain partners.

If the client checks their dashboard during the event, they can also see where participants are in real time and make strategic decisions (reassign staff, handle unexpected events better, etc.).

Another client used the data we collected for fun! He set up a karaoke booth at an office event. Afterwards, we could analyze who picked up the mic over the course of the evening to see which department participated the most! They used this information to include some special mentions (and jokes) in their newsletter!


What do you think is the platform’s most useful feature for organizers?

C.J: Definitely the dashboard. The fact that you can follow events in real time gives you a better overview of the event. For example, you can see that there’s a big traffic jam in a certain section because the schedule was thrown off. So, you can send a coffee cart over and improve the event experience for the people waiting around. Organizers can optimize their events if it’s easy to keep people informed and if they have access to the tools they need to make the right decisions on the ground.

A well-organized and easy-to-manage event offers a better experience to participants, who’ll be more likely to come back next year.



What’s next for klik?

C.J: World domination!

Jokes aside, since we’re always adding new features, our returning clients always have something exciting to look forward to.


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