How to make an exhibitor's life easier at corporate events

Posted by klik on Thu, Feb 28, 2019


Corporate events used to be rather dry affairs before technology made them fun, engaging, and interactive. Nowadays, there are endless possibilities at organizers’ fingertips to help attendees connect with their events on a whole new level.

Surprisingly, though, lead retrieval systems have yet to really shine through. Chalk that one up to the fact that most of those available on the market are outdated — not only do they still employ QR codes, but the motion needed to capture lead information is… well, a bit awkward.

Enter klik’s very own lead retrieval system. This system’s goal, is basically to better serve exhibitors by providing them with innovative technology that captures what’s actually happening at their booths.

According to CTO and co-founder Vincent Leclerc, after a series of bad experiences with other lead retrieval systems, his team had an epiphany:

“We’ve done many trade shows in the past to promote our products and we were always dissatisfied with the lead retrieval systems’ user experience and lack of information,” Leclerc explains.

“As event engagement-solution developers who believe in creating meaningful events for attendees, we realized that exhibitors needed a better experience and technology solution. So, we decided to address them.”

Go beyond just capturing leads

With klik’s technology, exhibitors can improve the quality of their booths at trade shows by pulling from a wide range of accessible data, including products drawing most interest from attendees, number of clicks per touchpoints, peak hours (to better manage breaks), and more.

The clearer the picture, the better exhibitors can make sense of what’s happening at their own booths and stop making assumptions about their ROI based only on qualified leads.

Key data aside, here are a few other interesting features of klik’s lead retrieval system:

1) Easy-click capturing device

The ease of klik’s smart wearables is really where it starts. Suddenly, all it takes for exhibitors to capture leads and their level of engagement is to click one of the four device types — badge (pictured below), button, sleeve, or wristband — and watch it light up.

When a booth representative captures a lead, the latter’s profile information will then appear on the rep’s wall on the klik event app. From there, reps can add notes on each lead and connect with them directly through social media. Likewise, lead capture also makes it easier for attendees to collect information from exhibitors they meet.

2) Digital content sharing

Klik can also program booths with touchpoints to help you share documents or other relevant content with potential leads.

Exhibitors can use these touchpoints on showcased products, encouraging people to interact with only the products they’re interested in, while also measuring their interest. They can also increase their newsletter fan base or collect names for a draw. Adding touchpoints where exhibitors exchange information with leads can help develop relationships more naturally, in turn creating more meaningful communications between two.

Plus, it eliminates the need for visitors to carry around heavy literature, so it (literally) doesn’t hurt that these devices are good for the environment, too.

3) Your booth’s live performance dashboard

Klik provides each exhibitor with an easy-to-navigate, thoroughly detailed monitoring system for booths. Accessing the booth’s web dashboard allows them to monitor its performance with clear stats based on the number of visits, dwell time and representatives’ performance.

Using klik’s precise datasets (like the ratio of leads to booth visits) can help you calculate a booth’s specific conversion rate. If you notice it’s low, for example, you can use data to help determine why people weren’t engaging with your booth. It could be a bad position on the floor, not enough representatives, bad booth experience, etc. Whatever it might be, these tools help figure out what's needed to improve.

Since klik tracks each booth’s performance, comparing factors that have an impact on a booth’s ROI becomes much simpler.



4) Optimized networking

When it comes to networking, klik certainly enjoys playing matchmaker.

SmartMatch, our in-house recommendation engine suggests other people attendees should meet based on common interests, and helps take some of the pressure out of networking.

Before an event, representatives can begin communicating early with relevant attendees and organize meetups in advance. They can then meet face-to-face in the designated networking zones on-site.  



Plus, attendees can find existing and new business partners onsite. Using the Exhibitors Directory, they can type in any keyword and receive a list of the most relevant exhibitors.



Putting simplicity back into corporate events

The klik lead retrieval system has the power to impact everyone who sets foot into any corporate event happening anywhere in the world, from exhibitors, to attendees, to the organizers themselves.

For your next event, ask for the klik lead retrieval system and add a whole new level of insight while making your exhibitors smile!


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