Case Study: thINK 2018 Forum discovers klik’s new way of capturing leads

Posted by Carolane Morin-Larochelle on Sun, Feb 24, 2019
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thINK is a collaborative and connected group of 1,600 digital production print professionals who are at the forefront of inkjet technology. At the thINK 2018 Forum, more than 500 attendees came together for a multi-day event to share their experiences and best practices, helping the entire community to become more successful.

Industry: Digital print

Event type: Forum, trade show

Participants: 537


  • Better serve exhibitors
  • Understand the onsite dynamic
  • Increase engagement with the trade floor



Better serve exhibitors

Each of the event’s exhibitors was given access to the klik lead retrieval system which substituted the awkwardness of scanning QR codes on attendee badges with an easy-click wearable that better connects with leads and captures information in a whole new way. It eliminated the need for visitors to carry around heavy and inconvenient documentation or stacks of business cards.

“klik wearables produce an elegant and visually pleasing user experience each time they light up, creating fun icebreakers and conversation starters, and the simple click gesture is a refreshingly easy and intuitive lead capturing process that is as powerful at delivering necessary data as it is pleasant.” -Victor Bohnert, Innovatis Group

Understand the onsite dynamic

klik’s lead retrieval system helped exhibitors optimize booth management through access to a wide range of data, including which products were of most interest to attendees, number of clicks per CTA, peak traffic hours (to optimize break times), representatives’ performance, and more.

Increase engagement with the trade floor

In addition, klik wearables could tracked all kinds of attendee interactions and behaviors, both actively and passively. This allowed event organizers to gamify the event and to incentivize specific behaviors, like for example increasing engagement with exhibitors by attributing higher points for visits to their booths, increasing both traffic and leads.


As a result, klik worked closely with the event organizers and deployed the technology according to their event goals. Indeed, each exhibitor obtained a clearer picture of the dynamics at their booth, empowering them to make better sense of their booth activities and make better decisions about their ROI based only on qualified leads. With all the information on hand at the end of the event, the event organizers now have the opportunity to improve the sponsorship package next year based on traffic insights and number of leads generated by each exhibitor.


Data collected: Top 10 - Exhibitors with the most leads: better understand and analyze which exhibitor was the most successful and why.


Data collected: Peak time at the exhibition hall: optimize break time and manage the staff accordingly.


Data collected: Number of attendees who clicked with the touchpoints: increase engagement with sponsor exhibitors by attributing higher points for visits to their booths or clicking with touchpoints.


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