Case Study: NOAC 2018

Posted by Carolane Morin-Larochelle on Mon, Jan 7, 2019



The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is a multi-day event that brings together almost 7,000 Arrowmen across the United States. The unforgettable experience features fellowship, training sessions, friendly competition, and plenty of fun. In addition, it provides exceptional opportunities to speak with national leaders, perform service work, and exchange patches.

Industry: Association

Event type: Training sessions, activities and competitions, shows

Participants: 7,000

*Patch = participation in a session, activity or a combination of activities



  • Stimulate interactions between Arrowmen from different regions
  • Engage youth through the Conference program and activities
  • Create a sense of togetherness
  • Increase understanding of Arrowmen engagement with data-driven insights into activity attendance and satisfaction levels



Together, NOAC and klik established gamification elements throughout the event, setting up 200 game rules to incentivize Arrowmen to participate in activities, attendee training sessions and evening performances, while encouraging connections between guests from various regions.

All Arrowmen were given a klik wearable, enabling event organizers to monitor participant experience. In total, 78 zones equipped with BLE tags were covered (total area of 15 square kilometers).

Digital patches recorded and rewarded all achievements and could be earned through participation, like joining an activity, developing a new skill or exchanging contact information with a fellow Brother.

Arrowmen could receive digital patches for:

  • Attending the Western Region Gathering
  • Competing in the Goodman Open Golf Tournament
  • Clicking with the National Vice Chief
  • Attending three days of training
  • Checking in at the top of the climbing tower
  • And more!



The klik smart wearables served two main functions: capturing interactions triggered when attendees clicked their wearables together or with a touchpoint, and serving as a monitoring system.

With klik wearables, the gamification capabilities are virtually limitless. Points were attributed for the following active and passive actions:

  • Contact information exchanges with fellow Arrowmen
  • Touchpoint interactions
  • Attending a session



By working closely with the NOAC team, klik was able to identify and deliver the technology needed to exceed all event goals.

The contact information exchange feature encouraged Arrowmen to meet and interact with new members, and the added gamification elements led to record-high levels of participation across all activities compared to previous years.

NOAC could easily determine which activities were the most popular based on data like attendance, dwell time and ratings. They were also able to make real-time adjustments and decisions about staff allocation thanks to the live monitoring.



GOAL 1: Stimulate interactions between Arrowmen from different regions

GOAL 2: Engage the youth with the Conference program and activities

GOAL 3: Better understand what engages Arrowmen through insightful data



Topics: Engagement, Gamification, Case Studies