Case Study: IAUG 2018's success with klik

Posted by Carolane Morin-Larochelle on Thu, Apr 25, 2019

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The 2018 edition of IAUG was a four-day event bringing together over 2,700 customers, suppliers and partners. The event on digital transformation featured a trade fair with over 100 exhibitors, workshops and talks.

Industry: Technology, communication

Event type: Conference, tradeshow

Participants: 2,700


  • Engage attendees
  • Get attendees to visit booths



It goes without saying that generating engagement doesn’t happen automatically when a group of people is gathered in the same room. The key factor is creating an environment that encourages networking – this is where gamification comes in! IAUG gave people points for each connection they made, bringing the room to life and making networking fun!

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When people are excited to score points, it’s also because they’re motivated to win prizes. At the end of the game, the five people with the highest scores could win an exciting prize: a ticket to next year’s event and some new tech gadgets.

Everyone was ready to jump in!

As for the sponsors, event organizers always want to make sure that exhibitors are happy. IAUG gave attendees the highest amount of points whenever they connected with one of the selected exhibitors.

Plus, thanks to klik’s passive tracking capabilities, IAUG was able to provide ROI metrics to each exhibitor, like the number of visits and dwell time at their booth.



The level of engagement during the event was impressive. On average, attendees exchanged their contact information with more than 43 people.

However, we noticed a change in behaviour after the opening speeches, which included a klik demonstration. This solidified the tool’s full potential for attendees: the number of exchanges increased tenfold from day 1 to day 2, and then a 300% increase occurred on day 3, when people really got into the game!

From the point of view of organizers, they were able to gain a better understanding of their event’s organization and their guests’ interests. They also obtained critical data like peak networking times, most popular sessions, booth visits and dwell time, event traffic, and more.

The event was a real success. And now that IAUG is armed with all this data, the next edition will be even more amazing!


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