Case Study: Enhancing engagement at XLIVE

Posted by Carolane Morin-Larochelle on Thu, Jan 30, 2020


Always at the vanguard of events, industry leaders XLIVE chose klik as the main event management technology used at the XLIVE Esports Summit and the XLIVE Annual Conference in 2019. Klik integrated with their platform and registration system, and provided them with cutting-edge lead retrieval and networking solutions — demonstrating a high-level implication in many aspects of their events.

  • Industry: Event tech, music, experience, brands, sports
  • Event type: Conference, Trade show
  • Participants: Averaging between 400 and 800 participants for both events



XLIVE brings together event industry leaders to share and exchange knowledge on the latest trends, and discuss how they can create memorable experiences.

For 2019, Xlive was looking for a platform that would create a smooth experience from registration to networking while collecting data to better understand the flow of their events. It was also key for them to be able to integrate klik with their other systems.



  • Ensure a seamless experience for event goers and event staff
  • Enhance attendee engagement and participation
  • Gain more insight into their events



Integration with the registration system

Since XLIVE has been using their own event registration system for years, they opted to integrate klik’s features into their platform as in their case, it went without any complex configuration. After evaluating the project’s scope with klik Solutions Engineer, Brock Jenken, klik’s integrations experts laid out the necessary steps and worked to bring the project together, and provided support throughout the entire process and event.

Klik took care of the registration process on-site. The XLIVE team just needed to upload new event participants onto their platform, then they would instantly appear in the klik system. As the two systems were set up with two-way communication, It was possible to change attendees’ info via klik and have the change instantly reflected in the XLIVE platform. Since klik provided badge printing and on-site check-in, the XLIVE team was able to focus on other challenges they faced during the event. The klik Project Manager was there to support the team and make sure everything was on track.

Data and analytics

The XLIVE team was delighted by the insight klik’s data and analytics capabilities were able to provide. They were first impressed by the quick, instant overview of statistics they previously had to wait until after the event for. With klik’s real-time dashboard in the Control Panel, they could monitor the check-in progress for different attendee types and view how many people were already checked-in or not.

Xlive_Data and Analytics

Also, XLIVE was able to know how many participants were on the exhibitor floor at any moment, enabling them to make fast decisions based on those numbers. This was particularly successful as it improved traffic in comparison to years past thanks to real-time data.

The XLIVE team also took notice of the real-time feedback and session rating collected from attendees directly via the platform without sending a survey well after the event. What’s more, klik’s gamification features awarded points to attendees who left feedback, in order to increase participation and data. Sure enough, the XLIVE team received a lot of high-value real-time feedback from their attendees and learned important details about their favorite speakers or sessions.

Engagement enhancement

Because engagement and experience are a big part of what defines XLIVE, klik wanted to help bring audience engagement to the forefront. At the 2019 editions, attendees were given access to klik’s Smart Match feature which helped them find and meet-up with the right people through the app’s recommendations that are based on interests and sessions the attendee is registered for. At corporate events, saving time and connecting with the right people is key, so having recommendations of who to meet without spending hours looking at an attendee list made a lot of sense for XLIVE and their audience.


Moreover, attendees could browse through a series of subjects to book meetings around specific themes and even create their own. Attendees earned points each time they would book a meeting with others, which increased audience engagement.

Lead retrieval for exhibitors

Exhibitors also benefited from klik at XLIVE. They each had access to their own dashboard where they could monitor their booth’s traffic, dwell time, engagement, and representatives’ performance. Exhibitors had an easy-click smart wearable to facilitate lead captures in real time, in contrast to badge-scanning with QR codes which are known to be cumbersome. And, they did not have to wait until the end of the event to access their list of leads and follow-up with them.



Here are some examples of the data XLIVE had access to at their events:

- 91% of total attendees logged into the native event app

- On average, 13 contacts per attendee were made

- On average, 19.9 activities per attendee were visited

- Average dwell time on site: 8h10 min

- Peak time of contact exchanges was at 11:57 am with 318 contact exchanges made within the last 54.5 minutes

"Working with klik really helped us reach our event goals throughout the year! The team was supportive and always looking for solutions to our main challenges. For example, not only did they integrate with our registration system, but they were open to integrating with our sponsors. We also enjoyed their integration during XLIVE Esports Summit and XLIVE to engage attendees with live Q&A. Not to mention the data they provided; average dwell time, the number of contact exchanges, feedback from attendees and much more!" 

—  Marian Sandberg - Content Director, LDI, Live Design, and XLIVE.


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