The 24th World Scout Jamboree brings event tech outdoors to 45,000 scouts over 12 days

Posted by PixMob on Mon, Nov 4, 2019


From July 22 - August 2, 2019, scouts from around the world descended on the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia for nearly two weeks of adventure, training sessions, and evening entertainment that saw one of the largest and most unique klik setups yet.

Industry: Youth associations

Event Type: Training sessions, outdoor activities and competitions, light shows 

Participants: 45,000


The World Scout Jamboree is an official educational event backed by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The event is specifically geared towards young people in National Scout Organizations (NSOs) aged between 14 to 17.

Over the years, the scale of the event had been growing, so the 24th Jamboree needed something more to sustain the quality of the event and encourage engagement with new technology that would work with outdoor activities.


  • To be inclusive and equal for all cultures and social backgrounds: Most event platforms use apps for mobile phones only
  • Boost engagement by encouraging to make new friends, and by participating in the program throughout the event
  • Enhance audience engagement during evening concerts
  • Accommodate the special requirements of a large-scale active outdoor event
  • High privacy and data security



Being an outdoor event over the course of 12 days, the World Scout Jamboree presented both organizational and technical challenges but the klik team was up to the task. The scouts needed a robust device that had an exceptionally long battery life, and was non-obstructive during physical outdoor activity, which is why klik found the perfect solution — the M4 wristband based on klik’s first wearable design.


Next, klik had to think outside the box in order to make the deployment a success. Weather conditions outdoors meant special LTE hubs and touchpoints had to be set up with waterproof electrical boxes in challenging places such as wooded areas, and even atop a mountain. The klik production team factored in extra time for set-up on-site, 2 weeks for the pairing of all wristbands in-house, and were on-hand day and night in the great outdoors for the entire duration of the event.

Once the event was underway, it was clear the engagement targets were going to be hit fast as the scouts discovered the digital wristband system. Devised in close collaboration with a scout member with a professional background in game design, klik implemented their rules and badges into the app’s gamification features. More than 300 badges reflected specific achievements for contact exchanges, touchpoint interactions, training sessions, and more.


And at night when the day’s activities were done, the wristband was programmed to light up in different colours in sync with the live concerts — a concept popularized in the entertainment industry by klik’s sister company PixMob.



Given the sheer scale of the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, an impressive 4,746,631 contacts were exchanged between attendees, with an average of 113 contact exchanges per person. Engagement with the event’s activities was also a success with 459,626 clicks at touchpoints and 630,313 badges obtained.

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Not only does this represent one of the largest engagement counts for klik, but it speaks volumes for the ease of use and high adoption of klik’s wearable technology. Feedback obtained directly from the scouts throughout the event also proved helpful in understanding what could be improved or thought of for the next event.

Above all, it was the close collaborative spirit and dedication the Boy Scouts of America experienced from working with the klik team that proved most valuable. The level of adaptability delivered for an event like the World Scout Jamboree was a challenge klik is proud to have been a part of, and the event turned out to be an immensely rewarding experience for everyone involved.


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