When developing klik, PixMob drew upon 10 years of experience engaging crowds with wearables.

Renowned for breaking the barrier between the audience and the stage, PixMob was founded on aiming to create togetherness through interactive objects and innovative LED technology.

We aim to...

Enable true connections that create lasting memories. We know event organizers seek to engage with their guests in the best way possible. This at the core of why we developed klik as a solution based on smart wearables.

We believe that wearables technologies create a better sense of connectedness between attendees and lets them live the moment.
Klik's purpose is to help people connect with what matters: the here and now.

Our wearable system encourages face-to-face interaction using state-of-the-art smart technology designed to shift people's attention away from their phones. Event-goers can connect, share, save favorites, receive helpful notifications and more, without missing a beat.

Klik is here to help you give your leaders of tomorrow a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We do it all

Our team of creatives has been at the forefront of klik's success.
Engineers, designers, and programmers work together every day, pushing the boundaries of event technology to create universal and extraordinary experiences.

We come up with unique ideas, inventive solutions, and take charge of production for every distinct event. We're obsessed with delivering the best possible experience and therefore, we leave nothing to chance: we take care of everything.

We're here to help you create a more meaningful, more connected experience.

Your success is our success.