Man and woman sitting facing each other and discussing the klik badge

See how klik is transforming the world of audience engagement

Streamlined event management

All-in-one solution

  • Exchange contact information, register, schedule events and more
  • Can be integrated with other apps and solutions
  • Work with only one supplier

Speed up registration

  • Pair participants quickly with wearable
  • Save time with faster check-in

Accelerate set up

  • Set up seamlessly and efficiently
  • Reduce clutter with minimal cabling

Klik is the new like

Like people

  • Click to exchange contact information
  • Optimize networking
  • Access all new contacts in one place

Like places

  • Click with a touchpoint to incentivize booth interactions
  • Receive digital content when spending time in a specific area

Like content

  • Click to receive relevant e-documents 
  • Stay focused on the presentation
  • Receive presenter’s deck and notes 

Incentivize participants

Add some fun with games

  • Gamify your event for friendly competition 
  • Promote networking, training and workshops
  • Encourage specific participant behaviour

Increase session participation

  • Make content interactive
  • Allow guests to contribute to discussions and presentations

Encourage interactions

  • Motivate participants to explore the event space
  • Encourage face time with exhibitors 

Connect people through light

Highlight key moments

  • Stimulate participant engagement
  • Light up wearables at important moments 

Enhance the vibe

  • Surprise crowds with different effects 
  • Group participants by interest and industry
  • Notify your guests of upcoming talks 

Light up the party!

  • Add an immersive light show for a memorable experience 
  • Captivate guests

Measure performance with data

Monitor events live

  • Follow the event in real time with the dashboard
  • Watch traffic and organize on-site staff management 

100% adoption rate

  • Provide everyone with a wearable 
  • Allow people to rate sessions and provide feedback
  • Users vote with their feet to give you richer data

Save costs at your next event

  • Find out participant dwell times, most popular talks and kiosks 
  • Accumulate rich, unbiased data and post-event reports